Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It has Begun!

It's true. I have given in to the blogging world...and I am secretly excited about it. Not that we have the most thrilling life and tons to share about this stage in our journey. But alas, my husband and I were looking at this website called despair.com the other night and one of the posters about blogging inspired me. It read, "never before have so many, with so little to say, said something to so few." hahaha so I figured, why not jump on the bandwagon? :)
Maybe it's me, but I feel like there is a classic first post to a blog that everyone must follow or else it messes up the whole system and sets you up for extreme failure. First, your story. Second, what you have been up to until now, and last current events. Since I am new to this thing, it is probably best to stick with the norm for now...
So first, our story. Once upon a time, a handsome prince (Addison) was galloping through a forest (the Manwaring Center at the BYU-I campus) when he spotted a maiden (me) and her friends from the town through a gap of trees. He must have liked what he saw because this dashing prince and his servant came to ask those ladies to the ball the following night. They declined, but swiftly rescheduled. The following week they decided to have a romantic night of cooking delicacies at a nearby waterfront (hotdogs at beaver dick). They continued courting one another for a while, on the 7th month they decided, heck. let's tie the knot. Two months later they got married in a beautiful castle. It's all pretty much history from there, the glass shoe fit and they rode away in a pumpkin carriage.
Next, What have they been up to since that magical day?(I will post some pics, others I don't have or are on Addison's comp)
-Honeymoon in Las Vegas
-University of Utah football games. Add's family= extreme Utah fans

-Thanksgiving with the Petersons
-Christmas with the Kivetts

-Kensi got married

-We went to I-fly with the Petersons

-Lexi Graduated
-Addison and I went on a trip to Arizona
-Addison's burn (He healed so quickly, we are extremely blessed)

-Lagoon with the Petersons
-1 Year anniversary!!!!!
(I am sure that I have skipped SO many things...and I have only mentioned stuff with our families..but this post is getting long)

Last, Current events. Addison and I are both studying at BYU-Idaho. Add is majoring in business with an emphisis in finance. I am studying social work. I love love love this college and all of the experiences and blessings that we have received from attending. We both are lucky to be working. Addison does consruction full time, and is the hardest worker ever! And I am a receptionist for a company called salt lake express.

All in all we are loving school, being married, and this crazy life. Thanks for reading this LONG and possibly cliche post :) Until next time! -The Petersons

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  1. Woohoo!!I love that you have a blog. It makes me happy. You guys are cute. Love you both!