Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Must be a love/hate...

Holloween. Very mixed feelings about this so called holiday. First thoughts are 1. It tends to bring out the inner floozy in way too many women.... and 2. I personally find no joy in being scared. Things such as haunted houses, scary movies, etc. seem to go against everything that I believe in. Why would I want to invite negative feelings into my house, and myself if I want to live an uplifting life? This year I went on a double date with my husband and our good friends to a haunted house close to town. As I was walking through it I couldn't help but think of our eternal purpose here on earth and how this was literally mocking the things that I hold most important to me. I am probably being a little over dramatic, but it's just something I have had on my mind. :)
I do love it though because of tradition. Eating chili, getting a high from overdose of sugar, being around friends and family, seeing little kids in their costumes and watching them feel so proud about it :) coming home after trick or treating and putting your candy into piles- preparing to use your best bartering skills on your siblings, All these things are so fun! Last night Addison and I went to my parents house, and the kids had just gotten done trick or treating. They dumped their stuff and for some reason just started giving some of it away! They would ask, "who wants it?!" after they had decided they gave out enough I turned to my husband...His shirt was FULL of candy. I asked him how he got it all..his reply? "I just kept raising my hand!" haha I sure do love him.
He gave me a big wet one after he put chocolate all over his mouth...
The stash.


  1. I actually use to think the same thing too so I did a little research about Halloween and the origins. The autumn equinox actually dates back a little bit farther than any other equinox. People use to believe that during these times of transition that spirits of the dead both good and evil use to be able to roam the earth freely. So they would gather together and offer prayer and sacrifice to their gods that they would be safe and that the sun would rise again and free them from the day. They would spend all day praying and giving sacrifices to their gods. When the sun rose the next day Nov 1st which is considered the purest day (all saints day) they would spend giving thanks to their gods for freeing them from evil and they believed their loved ones could come back to earth and spend that day with them.Oh and the carved pumpkins came later, but it was to scare away the evil ghosts so they couldn't enter their houses. Over the years authors, Hollywood and other things have made Halloween what it is today with Dracula, zombies and etc. it was really cool to learn the history behind Halloween. I do still think that certain people go far and find their "inner floozy" which drives me nuts. but I love the history. Sorry I rambled I just wanted to share. :)

  2. Thanks Kristene! That is really cool, thanks for sharing :)