Monday, February 6, 2012

I am actually going to do it!

First of all. I am lame for not doing any posts about Thanksgiving and Christmas! And quite frankly I don't have the energy to do it either :) All I will say about that is Addison and I loved being able to spend time with our families and we are extremely blessed to have both the Petersons and Kivetts in our lives.

Now back to this post:(be warned: There will be plenty of venting and thinking out loud here.)

I am actually going to do it. That's right. What am I talking about you ask? That would be the cliche "going to get healthy" thing everyone talks about at the beginning of every year.

venting begins here--The odd thing is, I wasn't really planning on having this goal. In fact I get tired of seeing weight-loss commercials and "foods/pills that zap the fat away!" posters. It is annoying to hear beautiful women talk about how fat they think they are and how they wish they could be skinny (even if they have absolutely nothing to lose). For some reason people think that the size of their body determines who they are and how valuable they are to this world. Well here is a reality check---the world's definition of skinny is gross and nearly impossible to obtain unless one would like to develop a nasty case of anorexia nervosa, bulimia, depression, anxiety and many other physical and mental ilness' that accompany trying to be something that is impossible to reach. I hope to be a mother that shows by example that who I am and who my children are is not who the world tells us to be but that the value of my children is already defined by someone much greater than the world. In fact, the creator of it himself. If he loves and knows who we are, which I know for a fact that he does, why is it so important to wear a size 0 pair of jeans? It isn't, thank goodness! (end of venting)

So, why have I set this goal for myself? Because there is a difference in trying to live a healthy lifestyle for myself and for my future, then simply trying to have a sexy body for pride reasons.

Nope, it won't be easy. I love me some ice cream, and chocolate. Here is a secret: I am an emotional eater. If I am sad, angry, mad, all I need is a tub of my best friends Ben and Jerry in my life and all is swell! So how am I doing so far? I have not had one bite of ice cream all year. Which really might not sound like that big of a deal to some, but I feel rather accomplished :)

(thinking out loud) In the past I have hated trying to lose weight or dieting for multiple reasons. I hate when my stomach is growling at me and I feel weak. Then I just give in and eat the first thing that comes up which usually isn't something that my body will thank me for later. Going to the gym....blah. I played sports my entire life, so when I go to run or do anything physical I feel like my body should move and have the endurance it once had. Nope, WRONG! I huff and puff and my body is ready to be done after a lap. Plus, when you feel like you busted your butt at the stupid place you want to see some immediate results right? Instead I feel like my belly is poking out way farther then it was before I went. Out of spite I invite Ben and Jerry over again and we rendezvous for a while...Then the next day I am determined to do better, but somehow am talked into a brownie and mess up again. Then that whole day I feel like because I messed up once I can mess up all day long because I wasn't perfect for the entire day. Oh the way the mind works.

Anyways, here are some things that I have been loving and have found helpful for me.

First some apps

The first app is where I log my foods eaten for the day and the exercise that I have done. Mostly it just keeps me aware of how many calories I have eaten and what I am really putting into my body daily.
The second one will use GPS to tell you how far you have gone and the actual street routes that have been taken. It gives the calories burned and time gone by as well. I have found it pretty useful and am super excited to use it in the summer when running outside seems far more inviting.

I have been having some pretty serious love affairs with food as well...

first off..quinoa. It is a grain that is packed with protein, folic acid, magnesium, and several other vitamins. I have only made a few things with it, but am so excited to start adding it to a lot of my recipes. It doesn't have a ton of flavor, so it can be added without being noticed to recipes that need a little pick me up. or it can be used as a main ingredient. I am usually a person that can eat and eat and not get full, my husband will back me up on that. Today I was snacking on this really yummy quinoa salad (a big thanks to Brittanie) though and got stuffed after a few bites. literally stuffed! Finally no more of this eating healthy feeling like I am actually starving myself business. Plus it is really easy to cook and save. On a side note, I think it looks really cute and pretty after it is cooked :)

Next: Morning Star Chik'n nuggets. They are just what they sound like. Well sort of. They are actually soy. I am not much of a meat person to start off with. When I bite into something and see blood, or a bunch of fat, my interest in the said product is lost. so these are perfect for me because they are delicious and I don't have to worry about running into any questionables. Now I know that some of you are judging right now, but they taste like the real deal people. Plus they have 40% less fat than real chicken nuggets (and the fat that they do have is the fat that you want in your diet) and only 190 calories per serving, as you can see from the picture. All I am saying is, they are delicious and I could eat them all the times.

Last but not least: Franks Buffalo sauce. There really is no significance to this item. Just that I love it. I have had a buffalo obsession lately and want to eat it with everything. So this mixed with the chicken nuggets really hits the spot for me. Plus there are no calories or fat in it so I don't feel super guilty eating it.

That's about it on the nutrition side of things. Wish me luck :)

Lastly, and completely off topic, I was able to see my sister Kensi for a few hours this last weekend. Most importantly though, I felt her little buddy move inside of her! There is nothing more amazing than feeling a little body move inside of someone that you love so much. I can't wait to love on him in person. He is lucky to have Kensi and Brett as his parents. Also...Introducing miss. Sawyer Grace. I can't wait to love on her and squeeze her cute little chubby body. I am a proud aunt.

Have a great week!


  1. Hey! where's my shout out for the chik'n'nuggets! those were a staple food at our house when you lived with us. : ) I should probably get me some of those. I have been making some quinoa and Spencer will put some greek yogurt in it, a little honey, some cinnamon, almonds if you prefer, and a berry or fruit you like. The boys thought it was nummy too. You may like it you will see. You may like it in a tree. Good thing there will be two babies to pass around in July since we will all want to be loving on them and squishing their cuteness. Love ya.

  2. Tessa- I know this is not related to you post. But I just wanted to say that it has been so much fun getting to know you. :) I look forward to future family functions (say that 5 times fast. :p) to get to know you more. :)