Monday, August 12, 2013


Here is a quick update. It seems day by day not too much is going on. Yet, In all reality looking at it, we are at a critical time in our life. Addison and I both have an internship to do in the fall and then we graduate this December. I will be doing Juvenile Probation again, and Addison has several options that he will be choosing from. Addison is the hardest worker I have ever met and I couldn't be more grateful for the man he is and for the way he supports our family. He has been working construction for the last three and a half years. It isn't easy, but he rocks at it. What a guy. I am lucky he works so hard so that I can stay home with our son until the semester starts up again. Ryker is getting bigger and busier as each day passes. He is definitely loved.
As for what we are doing come December when we graduate......that's in the works. Addison and I can't agree on a place of residence :) It's cliche but I (we) hope something comes up and are sent to where Heavenly Father wants us. It's tough growing up and making these huge decisions. I know things will work out, especially since I have my best friend by my side. I have loved these last few years being in school, and I am a little sad to leave them behind. It will be a fun transition though and I am excited to see what life has in store for us.

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