Friday, September 7, 2012

Bouncing Baby BOY!'s official. Addison and I are going to be parents in January to a little buddy. I need to start by saying, I am horrible at talking about things! So to any of you that didn't know before just recently, I apologize :) Just a week ago my little sister Baylie came up to me and asked me how big my baby was this week. Right after she asked her twin sister Carlie walks in and says, "What?! You're pregnant?!"haha, whoops. From now on I will try to be better at giving updates.

It is crazy to me how much I already love this little mister. I may be a little biased...but I think he is the cutest thing that has ever lived. Here are a few pictures from the ultrasound yesterday...

 He covered his face with his hands like this almost the whole time so we didn't get very many profile or face pictures.
 He has got his dad's long legs!
 little feet
 The bottom of his foot, so precious
 One of the profile pictures
 This picture could be a little creepy, but I think it is so cute that you can see him yawning
 Addison't favorite picture. He asked the lady to get measurements of his bicep! haha! It was a whole 2 centimeters.

 Just for fun, here is our little gummy bear at 10 weeks. He has grown so much!

This is a short post, but I need to hurry so that we can head to Logan for a Utah game :) I will post more about the pregnancy soon. I love feeling this little boy move and kick inside of me. Addison has been able to feel him these last few days which has been so neat! The first time he felt him Addison asked, "what is he doing in there?" ha :) he will be such a good dad. There is not a cooler feeling than a little person growing inside of  you, I am sure of it. :) I feel so blessed to know that our baby is healthy and growing exactly how he needs to be. He weighs almost a pound, and is growing more everyday.

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  1. AMEN! To this whole post. :) I felt the same way with Avery.:) I'm still biased. :p It's funny that Addi said that. James said the exact same thing every time he felt her move or kick. Or anytime he saw my belly move. :p I am so excited for you! You two are going to be great parents! :D